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As The Snow Falls Today...

Awakening this morning, I find a familiar furry fluff ball staring back at me. "Breakfast time Mama," Ollie says.

Feeling the warmth of the down comforter, I roll over and wait. I pretend like I'm still asleep, waiting to see what he does next. In classic form, the cat coos and blurts, talking, waiting for me to respond, pawing my eyelids and my face, awaiting for a reaction.

Oddly, this feline literally knows the moment I awaken, while my consciousness hasn't even decided to open my eyes yet. It is one of my favorite moments of never ceases to amaze me the connection this cat has with me in just a short year's time (PS Animal Connections & Guardians are a Tale As Old As Time...A Tried and True Tonic for the Heart, Soul, and Spirit....)

Like a rag doll cat, Ollie snuggles my face and reminds me it's time to get up. Sunday mornings are one of my favorite times of the week. I took some extra time today to cuddle my kitties & pup and basked in the snuggly warmth of heavy handmade quilts, blankies, and furry paws.


I awoke feeling a SHIFT in the AIR, a Lightness, a Joy creeping in the window. I just knew what was AWAITING outside of the window. After getting my fill of furry snuggles, I arose to the kitchen. Outside, a fresh blanket of white snow lined the city, with more falling. The pine trees looking dapper in their snow sweaters.

A joyous wonder overtook and ignited in my belly. Instantly, I felt pure excitement. Memories of yesteryear filled my mind. The lightness and simplicity of snow as it falls brought back memories of rushing down the stairs, donning our brightly colored eskimo suits, and running outside to catch the snowflakes and make snow angels.

We would play until our cheeks had a bright rosy glow. After we couldn't feel our hands, we would go into the barn to warm up and "help" Ma & Pa milk cows and feed the calves.

Sometimes, some of us would need a little siesta from all the days work on a straw bail. (Boss Haas, aka Corey Haas :)

After chores, Ma would cook us up pancakes, eggs, and bacon. Really, she would make us whatever we wanted. We were a lucky group! We would all file in the back door and put our wet gear on the stove to dry out, getting ready for the next outdoor adventure session. We couldn't wait to be warmed up enough to go back out again. We didn't care how cold it was, we were going to get a Christmas Tree and going SLEDDING!!!

Today, I'm remembering that passion and drive as a child for play and fun despite challenges or obstacles like the cold & snow. Like Eagle Medicine has taught in previous posts, it truly is all about our perspectives. Today, I want to use this as my motivation not just crossing things off the list. Because, there are always more errands, chores, and tasks. But if we take the higher perspective, we see we are blessed to be able to accomplish these things in the spirit of fun, youth, and play, and look forward to many more.

Today, I reflect on all the love snow can bring and how it can reignite a sense of child-like wonder within. Why is it so peaceful to watch the snow fall? I think it is the purity it instills to the land and in our hearts, signaling a time to slow down, pause, & reflect. Every Season for a Reason. It also brings out the most rich nostalgia of our youth. Really pausing us in our tracks, reminding us of all our glorious snow-filled memories. And I just really want to take today to remember these.

I watch my pup Maggie (part husky), also share this childlike joy as she is greeted by the first snow. She can hardly contain her excitement and wish to play in it. Maggie reminds me of how it feels to just be present.

Gratitude of the Present. Joy in the Present. Love in the Present. It is the only time we have. Let the Magic of the Snow Fill Your Home and Being. I know Mr. Grinch would be ba-humbugging the weather. But after living in climates without snow & true seasons, I am grateful for this first snow in Wisconsin today. Truly, warm climates are nice, but I always missed a Classic WISCONSIN Winter when I lived in California and other southern states. Reflect on its beauty and grace. Honor this season. Let your heart be a kid again. See through their eyes. It brings one back to the present and simply being.

Photo Caption: "Something" We Made As Kids in the early 90s. :)

Photo Caption: Snowman in Minneapolis. Love the Hair! :)

So Happy Sunday Snow Ya'll!

Blessings Everyone!

Until Next Time,

the driftless shaman

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