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Let's Talk About Trust

Spring is approaching like the evening dew. One day it seems, we wake up and EVERYTHING IS GREEN, the air warmer, blossoms budding, and a familiar “buzz” in the air. What is this “buzz” we feel? It is Gaia, Pachamama (as I prefer to use), Mother Earth, or whatever you refer to Our Great Earth as. She is awakening, ready to burst forth with creation energy of the spring and summer.

The songbirds busy singing their tunes early in the morning, remind us they have come to visit for the Spring/Summer. The birds always trusting the warmer air is around the corner, happily singing their songs with gusto in their chests and trumpets declaring their presence.

Have you ever wondered why God gave us the songbirds in the morning? Have you ever wondered why they sing like they do? I have. I like to think God gave us their songs in the morning to remind us to be present & grateful. They are happy and free to carry out their “missions.” They do not worry. They gleefully greet the rising sun with fearless abandon. I was reminded today to Trust. I would like to pass this message along to you all today.


I have learned to trust in a new way I didn’t know was possible. The more you trust, the less you fear. Our Universe is Infinite and unfolding for Our Good if we choose to co-create with loving kindness and go with the flow. When we worry, it stops the flow of the river, putting up a dam of energy that fears. I have witnessed the power of worry and fear, and I have witnessed the power of Love & Trust. We can harness either. I have watched fear and worry block abundance, and I have experienced the power of flow & presence to open the gates of blessings.

When we doubt and get into worst case scenario thinking, we create resistance to the very thing(s) we are seeking. Why not instead imagine the positive possibilities, thereby focusing our energy on productivity instead of procrastination & stagnation.


Along with Trust, We Must Have Faith. God/Source/Creator/Your Higher Power is working for our Good Always. When we stray, it is to learn valuable lessons. There are no “failures.” I do not believe in them. I do not let them enter my mind or exit my mouth. There are only experiences and lessons. We can choose to continue the same cyclical patterns or enter the dark void, temper our swords, and Rise with Passion & Peace. True power and Confidence come from a place knowing that you are protected, guided, and on a divine mission. For truly, we all are here for a reason. Here’s the secret: LOVE. That’s it. Everyday. Love in every way with everything you do with everything you touch, feel, smell, taste, & see.


Sometimes we go through “tower” moments or seasons in our lives. These shake-ups are designed to remove things, people, & places that no longer serve us or are out of alignment with our energetic frequency. Like attracts Like. When you let go of old pain, fear, & trauma, and shift toward Peace & Love, you create space for more light to enter your field. You no longer attract similar relationships or situations with similar people, because you have “learned” your lesson. Instead, you attract new higher frequency encounters with folks who are aligned to your new mission of Love & Service.


As we level up, we will notice things start to change around us. If there is anything I’ve learned, the process of letting go may take some time. You may also keep circling back to the same issue. Honor Your Feelings & Your Truth. Eventually, it will heal and move when the soul is ready. I recently underwent this. I realized I still had fear to move. I was afraid of fully stepping into a new life, a new frequency, a New Earth. I didn’t want to leave anyone behind (this is an example of attachment/fear). Then I realized, this is exactly what is holding me back.

I remember to tell myself, Change is the Only Constant in Life. Then I heard, Vibe UP or Vibe Out. This is true. Folks can choose to Vibe Up and join you, or they can stay the same as you enter new experiences. You can be an inspiration or catalyst for change. People can and do change, but when they are ready.

When we pray & dream of BIG THINGS, we HAVE TO GET READY to RECEIVE THEM! What I have prayed for, I know I need a bit more training and leveling up to attain. It is all frequency. The best CANDY is usually on the TOP SHELF. Keep REACHING.


Please do not “beat” yourself up for things that take time to heal & move from your field. That only hinders your progress. Trust & have faith you are healing & it will leave when the “right” time comes. We have to learn to be patient and trust in divine timing. This can be challenging, but the passage is True. Good things come to those who Wait & Trust.


So, as we usher in this new season of new possibilities and new dreams, Keep Going. Trust the bills will be paid, trust the chores to get done, trust the contract or sale will go through, trust your soulmate is coming, TRUST TRUST TRUST whatever your situation. Do not let the inner critic tell you otherwise. Put the Inner Coach in Charge. Trust your Gut & your intuition. It is always guiding you. The more you believe, the more you achieve.


Look Yourself in the Mirror and Affirm: Head Up, Chin Up, Wings Up, You Got this Buttercup! (Just shifting your posture, shifts your energy!) Now, Go Seize that Day with fearless abandon of worry & negativity.

God’s Got You Just like the Birds. Let Creator/God/Source Be Your Parachute!


PS: If you start seeing a lot of 2's like 22, 222, that is a similar message: Have Faith & Trust!

Have a GREAT WEEK Everyone!


Until next time,

the driftless shaman

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