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Welcome to the driftless shaman


A Sacred Healing Space

The driftless shaman is a thoughtfully curated space inspired by the beauty and majesty of the driftless land of Wisconsin, as well as the sacred land of Sedona, AZ, known for its powerful, energetic healing vortices. The space incorporates principles of Feng Shui in order to perfectly balance all of the elements as well as the flow of Chi. The space also has many high vibrational healing partners from the earth, such as crystals, plants, organic essential oils, and sustainably harvested woods. What emerges is a sacred healing vortex designed to heal, balance, and restore one to inner harmony and peace. 


Seven Sacred Pools

Seven Sacred Pools Sedona, AZ

Sedona, AZ

What is a vortex? Vortices are areas on the earth where certain ley lines converge and often have an abundance of certain mineral compositions such as quartz, granite, or red sandstone. The underlying water channels, rivers, and lakes also contribute to this phenomena. The overall result is an amplification of the earth's energy, allowing us to feel "in tune" with Mother Earth.


To sensitives such as myself, there is a special "magic" in the air and land, although all are capable of sensing and using its amplifying healing energy. Many people report feeling profound shifts in their energy, well-being, and mood. 


Other well known vortex locations include Hawaii, England, Ireland, and Australia. It is my experience that the driftless area of Wisconsin also has areas of  this amplified energy such as in Blue Mounds State Park. Many people feel inspired, recharged, or uplifted after visiting a vortex. 


At the driftless shaman, a similar "healing vortex" was created using similar principles and ancient healing techniques. Please come experience and FEEL the space for yourself. 

Stone Steps _ Moss

Connecting Mind, Body, and Spirit through Nature

 The driftless shaman is a woman-owned business that specializes in aromatherapy, botanicals, and other spiritual tools to help you find balance in your life. My mission is to provide my clients with the tools and services they need to feel their best and reclaim their inner healing power. Whether you are looking for bodywork, energy healing, custom aromatherapy, or a unique gift for a friend, the driftless shaman has something for everyone. Stop in today and experience the power of nature for yourself.

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