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Michelle Haas, RN, BSN, 
Reiki Master, 
M-Technique Practitioner
Maggie & I at the Cheese Country Trail Near the Pecatonica River

A Bit About Me

I was born and raised outside of Cobb, WI, on a multi-generational, small dairy farm. Green thumbs and farmers run through these veins and have for many generations. Taking after my Mama, I chose nursing as my career and thoroughly enjoyed it, especially my traveling  ICU days. It taught me so many lessons about life and the human condition. However, I always knew that I was destined to help others heal naturally. I believe in a mind, body, spirit approach to wellness & wholeness. 


As a highly sensitive intuitive and empath, I am able to sense and feel energy. Until I learned how to manage this ability, I was an open sponge, absorbing all sorts of energies. Essential oils were a saving grace to me, with the ability to quickly cleanse and balance my energy without taking on the "weight of the world." I have used essential oils personally for almost 15 years.  I love sharing this passion with others. I also love helping other sensitive folks whom the world often misunderstands. 

I have been on my spiritual path since I was 20. I've been learning about energy & natural healing ever since.  I truly want to be a lighthouse to those along this journey as well. We are all constantly learning along this road of life, and it is my passion to learn and grow with others. My hobbies include: NATURE!!! Also, I love to read, write, garden, cook, spend time with my family on our farm, and make essential oil products.  My happy place is always Nature with my dog, Maggie. 

Rose Blossom

Healing Services

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