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Never Let Anyone Dull Your Sparkle

Thursday, May 9th, 2024


Good Morning Everyone!


Before I get to the message, just a friendly reminder to watch your step today! Our earthworm friends are out today getting some air. Also, if you are inclined, please kindly move them out of harm’s way on our roads and sidewalks. Nature notices a kind, gentle heart, and She will reward you someday. I promise. Thank You!


Now onto today’s topic:


Awakening this morning, my muse set me in front of my laptop. I opened it to see 4:44 am. Are you familiar with Angel numbers or numerology? If you aren’t, it is a quite fascinating subject! 4:44 means the angels are all around and that you are on the right path. Here is a blog article that speaks of this way our spirit guides communicate with us:



 I tend to awaken with the birds as I am so in tune with Pachamama (my preferred term for our Great Mother Earth). This morning, I was inspired to pass along a message. You will find it on notepads and pens in my shop:


Never Let Anyone Dull Your Sparkle!


As a black sheep for most of my life, I ran from this and tried to hide. Often, the black sheep are the empaths, feelers, artists, writers, and sensitives of this world. Other times, they are highly intelligent and find it difficult to relate. Sometimes, it is the introverts of the world, that just wish to live in Peace in Nature. Whatever the case, I dulled my Sparkle to fit in for many years, a highly successful chameleon of situations & people.  


As part of my mission at the driftless shaman, it is to inspire and uplift others to BE THEIR UNIQUE SELVES! The world is so much more interesting that way! I just love getting to know all the different types of people, their stories, and unique cultures.


In America, we tend to have beauty and societal standards blasted at us at every turn. When I tuned this all out, really focused on my own inner growth & healing, I finally got to meet My True Self. The Ego mind is always wanting to compare & fear in the 3D world. However, in the 5D world (where I believe our Earth is evolving to), the heart and the higher-self merge & sync together in a beautiful dance of awareness, joy, presence, and peace.


There is an unshakeable faith that develops in you when you realize the universe is conspiring for our good when we choose to co-create with Love, Kindness, and Peace with every interaction throughout our day.


As an empath, healer, intuitive-sensitive, & follower of Christ, it was very difficult for me to Let Go of individuals who I loved dearly that kept showing me they could not reciprocate this love. As a shaman, I am able to sense and “see” much more than I’d like to sometimes :). My intuition and gifts would be sending the ALARMS & RED FLAGS constantly, and I kept giving people more and more chances. I kept praying and sending them love. I receive profound messages in my dreams from Spirit & my Soul if I continue to ignore their messages. Finally, I had to learn that self-love is not tolerating disrespectful behavior. You teach others how to treat you by how you treat yourself.


Unfortunately, my double Pisces make-up (Sun & Moon), makes me want to live in a world in my head where everyone is kind, moral, and does the right thing. But this is according to my compass, my moral standards, and we cannot impose these on others. We can only model this behavior for others and inspire them. I believe we can also pray they find their way out of the darkness.


The point here is that until I dropped worrying about everyone else’s peace, feelings, and opinions of me, mine would never be addressed or be the priority. The healer in me always wants to help others, but this has to be balanced otherwise the self is sacrificed. Your feelings are valid and important. They are messages from your body and the environment. They are energy in emotion and a form of communication. I learned that God wants me to move on from those that continue to hurt me. We can love from a distance. It is a form of “tough love,” because we choose to no longer enable behavior we deem hurtful to us. If you continue to be there despite numerous instances where true colors are revealed, you are only enabling this individual(s) to continue and stunting potential growth in that individual.


Sometimes, God sends us to be a mirror or trigger for someone’s evolutionary soul growth. Sometimes, people despise you for no reason. Let Them. As empaths this is especially difficult as the sayings about, “evil eyes or giving the stink eye” bears weight for us. We feel the intent and energy directed at us from these folks. We have to learn to not take this personally, especially if these folks don’t even know you. That is their internal battle they are projecting on to you. Hurt people hurt people. Insecure people project their insecurities onto secure people. I have learned to get out of these paths, so my peace is not disturbed. I have also learned to put on the armor of God everyday. God wants us to be happy, healthy, and full of vim & vigor, so we can do His Work. If you consistently are around others that bring you down and you find yourself empty after, it may be time to find a new tribe.


Similarly, happy, fun folks uplift you. If you are excited about seeing someone and you consistently feel good after seeing them, that is your sign they are your tribe. Also, in the Midwest, we tend to people please and want others to like us, especially the black sheep folk as we often feel so different from others. Please do not do this at your expense. Other people’s opinions of you are none of your business. I have learned I can rest well at night knowing my Father knows my heart and my intentions. So, let them be them. Everyone has a free will and that must be honored. You might just be the catalyst that sparks them to examine their heart, mind, and behavior leading to change.


I have a big heart, and I am the first to forgive with acknowledgement, accountability, apology, and a desire to change behavior. People can and do change! That is what this school of Earth is about. We are constantly evolving and growing. We have all hurt others in times we have been hurting or overreacted in the moment. Jesus told us to Forgive, and that often starts with us forgiving ourselves. Reconciliation with others however, I believe comes with the aforementioned conditions. If someone shows no accountability and continues harmful actions, IT IS OK to leave that situation. [Now if it is family that lives in your household, strict boundaries and expectations with consequences have to be enacted.]


Also, everyone is at different levels of spiritual consciousness and emotional maturity. We are all one, Brothers & Sisters. It is an act of love to guide others toward higher awareness and maturity. No one is “better” than the other as we have all been through the range of consciousness before this lifetime. As we all elevate together, so does our planet. So, when you become angry or irritated at another, this is a sign a personal boundary has been crossed for you. Anger can be channeled and quickly transmuted to a positive emotion as it has a charge to it.

I also use Jesus' words in moments where others are acting from EGO or Unconsciousness, “Forgive them Father, They know not what they do.” This is also true, because Jesus was referring to his persecutors who did not have the level of consciousness or maturity he carried. Jesus was a black sheep and heavily persecuted for spreading the message of Love and personal power. There is power in being persecuted, a silver lining. It makes you ONE STRONG COOKIE! Or you crumble once, twice, three times...however many times needed to push you to put the pieces back together stronger than ever! It teaches you what you will and will not tolerate. It also helps you find & learn how to maintain your own personal power as attempts to “take yours” from others through low-vibe actions like gossip, gaslighting, & manipulation teach you to walk away. You learn to guard your personal power (solar plexus chakra) along with your PEACE (heart chakra) fiercely. BECAUSE, you deserve to be peaceful & happy. It is a human birthright.


When we sacrifice our intuition, needs, & feelings, our throat chakras become blocked and imbalanced. This leads to overall blockages & imbalances that will lead to physical symptoms eventually. We need to lovingly speak our truth. Trust your intuition. ENERGY DOES NOT LIE, but people often do for personal gain. If something feels off, trust it. If something feels GOOD, trust that too.


So, don’t let anyone DULL YOUR SPARKLE. RADIATE YOUR GOODNESS & KINDNESS. It will be reciprocated. Authenticity, Self-Love, & Truth are Beautiful. When you are in this vibration or frequency, joy and happiness naturally follow. You will radiate a beauty & glow from the inside out. There is a beautiful flow to life.


So the message today is, BE YOU, ALL OF YOU! There is only ONE YOU! And the WORLD needs WHAT you have to offer. Don’t let anyone or anything dull your sparkle!


Thanks for reading my friends,


Until Next Time,


The driftless shaman

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