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M-Technique is a physical relaxation session similar to massage yet varies in 3 ways: 1) set pressure of 3/10 and has                    slow movements 

 2) set number of strokes 

   3) set sequence of strokes

The result is akin to physical hypnotherapy and is deeply relaxing. (Many clients fall asleep.) It has been studied and is well documented to lower stress hormones, blood pressure, and heart rate. It is a head to toe treatment. 75 or 90 minutes is recommended in order to get through the full series, which includes head/scalp, face, back, arms, hands, legs, and feet.  During 60 minutes, some areas of the body omitted due to time. During longer sessions, I am able to go at a slower pace as well which aids in further relaxation.

Here is a link to the nurse, R.J. Buckle, who created the technique: 

the driftless shaman aromatherapy line & signature massage lotion

Custom Aromatherapy

Essential Oils = Nature's Medicine

I offer a comprehensive aromatherapy consultation. I do also take walk-ins who are in need of a product due to an acute issue or are wanting a specific blend or product. With the comprehensive consultation, I review your whole picture (physically, mentally, and emotionally). First, you fill out my intake form and return it. Then we discuss which method of application would work best. I offer a variety of products from lotions, to roll-ons, to oil blends to diffuse. Then I combine my knowledge and intuitive skills in order to create a custom blend & document with recommendations & explanations for you. I will then follow you for 3 months, adjusting and adding products as necessary. 

Reiki & Essential oils

Reiki & Energy Healing

Reiki is a form of energy healing. It is hands on as well as hands off. It is another deeply relaxing treatment. Often, the client will enter a meditative like state, allowing me to channel divine healing light to each energy center. I also facilitate the release & clearing of blocked or stagnant energy during the session. Energy healing is similar in concept to acupuncture in that the belief is that blocked energy causes emotional, mental, & physical disease or distress. The goal is to get the energy centers and meridians flowing and balanced. I also incorporate botanicals & sound-based healing techniques into the session if guided to do so such as using crystals, essential oil mists, tuning forks, & singing bowls.  

Head Massage
Reiki Healing

M-Technique Treatment 

60 minutes-$80

75 minutes-$100

90 minutes-$120

(75 or 90 minutes recommended).

M-Technique/Reiki   Session-$80

Custom Aromatherapy

Initial Consultation: $80 (plus cost of product)

Walk-in creations: based on cost of product, price varies. Average cost $10-$50.

Reiki  & Energy Clearing Treatment 

30 minutes-$40

60 minutes-$80

75 minutes-$100

Reiki/M-Technique Session-$80 

Distance Reiki Available

Healing Services

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