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Eagles, Endings, & New Beginnings 11/1/2023

Photo Caption: Eagle scavenges on Whitson Road near Linden, WI.


Death in all its misgiven glory,

Purges the worn & ends the story.

Spirit sends its faithful scouts,

Transforming life amidst the doubts.

Out of the ashes, to rise once more,

Never stopping to settle the score.

And in the end, life goes beyond,

For where there is purpose,

the story lives on.

Photo Caption: The White of Eagle’s tail feathers leaving a Trail of

Splendor as it takes off in flight.

Eagle has been revered by many cultures for thousands of years as a symbol of Vision, Power, Healing, Creation, & Illumination. Call upon Eagle when in need of a higher perspective and to rise above any challenge.


As October comes to a close and November ushers in today, I can't help but think about the last year and in particular, the last month. October truly was a catalytic month of endings & cleaning house literally & metaphorically, preparing for rebirth.

My spirit had been on a clearing mission similar to the animal medicine shown to me that day through Eagle's visit. I had been cleaning, organizing, and purging every nook & cranny of my physical environment, in order to prepare and make space for this new chapter of my life. Every time a closet or cabinet was complete, I felt so much lighter. I had hung on to so many old things, and for what? I asked myself.

I also decided to commit fully to my passions, close a door completely without looking back, and take the leap of faith that God was urging me to do. It was time to embrace the dream job I had spent so many years creating. He was telling me to jump off that cliff, for He would be there to teach me how to FLY.

Nature abhors a vacuum so the old saying goes. I have found this to be true. We tend to cling to the past through our physical items. They retain the energy of the self during those years. Sometimes, we do this so lest we not forget. We are afraid we will forget those “good times.” We often romanticize the past through our “items,” but then we leave no room for new “items” to manifest, in the form of new people, places, & things.

I think it is good to close doors OFFICIALLY, allowing new doors to open. We always have our memories.


Eagle graced me with his presence again today, escorting me to one of the biggest days of my life.

Photo Caption: 11/1/23-Eagle watching over me near Rock Branch Rd, Mineral Point, WI. Below, I watched him take flight.

While I opened the end of September, today marked my ribbon cutting. There is something very symbolic & powerful about this act. It was also very special to have my Mama & Papa holding that ribbon.

I'll never forget this day, and I wanted to honor it by sharing this post. You see, I wrote Eagle and Endings two weeks ago, but my inner guidance said to wait to share. Now I see why I was supposed to wait. It wasn't finished yet.

I needed to add, "New Beginnings" to the title and what better day than today.


I have had this coffee cup for many years, always knowing I had another purpose in addition to nursing. I spent my late twenties & early thirties constantly searching, with a ferocious restlessness within me.

Of course, hindsight truly is always 20/20. Sayings do not become “sayings” without reason. I realize now I had many experiences in those decades of life that I needed to become the person I am today.

I wouldn’t wish to go back in time for one second. I am grateful for the multitude of lessons that life has given me, even if they felt like insurmountable challenges at times. I realize now these challenges made me so much stronger & determined.

I understand now why I was meant to do this venture solo. I know it is because I am supposed to show others they can do it too someday. For truly, where there is a will and a vision, there is a way.

I was overwhelmed when I came to this cup and decided to also let this


So here I am today, walking through that door, cutting that ribbon, and beginning my next phase as a writer, healer, aromatherapist, and entrepreneur.

My dad often told me as a teenager & young adult, “Don’t wish your life away Kid, someday you will wish you didn’t,” and, “it all goes by real quick.”

Thanks Papa. You were right.

So my wish & prayer for you today is to remember to be here, now.

I spent a lot of my life rushing to the next thing, often not fully present, never satisfied with what I was doing or accomplishing. I never felt like it was enough. And now I know, I am Enough. We all are Enough. So now, I am taking the time this time, to relax and enjoy this ending & new beginning. It is time to pause, integrate, & celebrate.

Photo Caption: Fall at Devil's Lake State Park

Nature teaches us so much through her cycles. Autumn is truly about letting things "fall" naturally. So I'm heeding Autumn's call and going with the flow wherever the wind takes me.


A special thank you to my Mama & Papa, my friend, Rob, and my fur babies at home for all your love and support. I also would like to thank Kristen May & Judy Boll who were very welcoming & supportive of me & my business from the get go. And also thank you to all the other chamber members that attended.

So THANK YOU to everyone that joined in my first soirée at the driftless shaman. I look forward to many more. Cheers & Blessings!

And thanks for “tuning” into this week’s episode.

Until next time,

the driftless shaman

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