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Eagle Makes Another Impressive Appearance

Updated: Nov 13, 2023

Apparently, Sunday morning is when my muse awakens and stirs something inside of me to pour out my heart a bit. She is strong enough to break the shell and move the walls I've securely placed around my heart for the last many years. I call her, the driftless mermaid.

You see, sometimes I receive such profound messages and experiences with nature & life that I am drawn to share.

I don't believe in coincidence, and I believe every experience and encounter we have every day is filled with guidance & messages. We just have to "tune in." It is really fun once you tune into this world. You start to see you are being led every day to your soul's calling & mission in life.

If you haven't read my first post regarding Eagle, I suggest you do so prior to reading this one. You see, Eagle has been with me for the last year, as well as Red-Tailed Hawk. I lost count of the number of times that I spotted them on my way from Dodgeville to Darlington to my Shop. Often, Hawk would fly right next to my car or soar over it.

If you haven't heard of Animal Medicine or Totem, I highly recommend the book by Ted Andrews, Animal Speak, as well as the website:

I will delve a bit into it animal & plant medicine today. As a shaman, I work closely with the plant and animal kingdoms. I believe and know that just as Pocahontas sings in Colors of the Wind, "Every rock and tree and creature has a Life, has a Spirit, has a Name."

This is why plants thrive in loving homes where they are tenderly cared for and talked to. This is the secret. I personally like to sing to mine. They are a good audience. :)

They also love calming music, the sound of water, crystals, & salt lamps. (Of course they need food & water too, don't forget those! :)

This link below is a very good read further exploring this subject if you are interested.


Now back to Eagle. This magnificent bird is associated with higher perspective, creation, resurrection, Jesus, and the number 33.

One of my favorite biblical quotes and one that has carried me through many tough times is from Isaiah 40:31. [I prefer the King James Version of the Bible as it resonates with my strong Irish, Celtic, & English roots.]

“But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.”

Below is a video that I wanted to share. This is how animal medicine works. Eagle has been guiding me and teaching me to take the higher perspective. Be in the world, But not of it.

Spirit rewarded me this week after facing a challenge/test in life. My grandma even came to me in a dream after I prayed HARD for guidance on what to do. She came and said I had to face this test. I could view it out of a place of fear & run, or I could view it as an opportunity and Pass that Test. I chose the latter. :)

Eagle came to reward me that day in more ways than one. :) It's worth watching until the end!

I knew those eagles were there for me, since he didn't fly away despite me being there as well as my dog. That was pretty special. Love burst in my heart as I watched the second one SOAR above the first. I knew they were saying, Congratulations on Seeing the Opportunity, Rising Above, & Soaring.

The following is from an article I resonated with describing another inspiring lesson of Eagle:

"God uses the symbol of an eagle to encourage us to soar higher in our life of faith. God can raise us up to heights beyond our wildest dreams, if we allow ourselves to be led be the Holy Spirit. Eagles have an innate sense of when a storm is approaching and fly to some high spot and wait for the winds to come. When the storm hits, the eagle sets its wings so that the wind will pick it up and lift it above the storm. While the storm rages below, the eagle is soaring above it. It doesn’t escape the storm; but simply uses the storm to lift it higher far above the clouds. It rises on the winds that bring the storm."

One of my favorite prints & quote in my Shop that I had early on to inspire me throughout this journey was:

Like Eagle, I chose to Fly High Above that Storm and use it to my advantage.


Patience, Determination, & Persistence.

Often, we want results to manifest immediately. Our fast-paced, instantly-connected culture has led to a norm of instant gratification. We tend to forget that this is not how sustained growth is produced. When I become impatient, I remember what the trees and the plants remind us of. It takes a period of time for a seed to bear fruit. It does not happen overnight.

When the spirit of impatience is upon me, I remember Isaiah 40:31, and know that as I continue to serve & be patient, God will follow through. If one's heart is pure with good intentions, God will Always reward that. Love truly does Conquer All. This has kept me going day by day. My motives are love and service, and I will never give up.

Just as a fire starts as a spark and builds, passion and momentum build this way as well. If you are just starting out on a goal or mission, remember to keep going. As long as you stay pure in your heart and intentions, it will build into a roaring fire within you. You will become UNSTOPPABLE. Listen to your Guidance & Intuition. Heed your call. I am still working on listening to my guidance. There are a few more sacrifices I know I have to make to truly align with & develop my soul's mission.

Remember, it took Michelangelo almost three years to carve David and almost four to paint the Sistine Chapel. Masterpieces take time.

Also, remember to Love who you are today. Enjoy the journey. Our culture tends to recognize & emphasize results. Well, I've learned, life is a journey. Enjoy every day and every moment. Slowly watch your progress and journal about it, so you can see it growing in those moments when you are discouraged or feel like giving up. Remember why you started and write that down every day.

Often, we go forward and then we go backward and back again, time and time again. This is how we grow. Pause to reflect on your cycles, not with judgment, but with compassion, so you can grow from them. I don't like the word mistakes. Think of them as choices that you no longer want to make, because you are aware of their impact & results. Stop listening to the inner critic. Instead, let the inner-loving soul of you take the Spotlight instead. Honor your Journey.


It Truly Does Move Mountains.


Many Blessings Beautiful Souls!

I hope that you are having a nice, relaxing Sunday.

Thanks for tuning in this week,

Until Next Time,

the driftless shaman

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I’ve always been drawn to hawks and eagles and feel at peace and very happy when I see them! There’s a huge eagles nest I would see on 191 outside of Hollandale on my way to work and I would occasionally see the Eagles and would be in awe! It made my whole day! Hawks also seem to lift my spirit when I see them . After reading your article, I’m glad it’s not just me in awe of the beautiful creatures! Blessings,


Michelle Haas
Michelle Haas
Nov 13, 2023
Replying to

Hi Christa!

I saw two big hawks today, both of them mostly white. In Native American symbolism, these are a good omen! I'm so glad they are able to lift you up as well! Have a great day!




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