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Pink Petals

Healing, Botanicals, & Treasures

Step into the driftless shaman, your enchanted fairytale forest dream. Because we all deserve a little shimmer & glimmer and to don a sparkly crown, no matter what our age! 

You will find many high-quality, unique brands that share similar values and missions as myself. All of the products at the driftless shaman have a focus on QUALITY over quantity.

I believe in carrying lines that support the earth and use only natural, organic ingredients.


My products are unique and special in that they are crafted in sacred ceremony among the healing vortex I have created. The products at the driftless shaman carry a high energetic frequency designed to help you feel your best. They are all blessed and infused with love, healing, and crystal energy. The utmost care is taken when creating anything for my shelves and for my clients.  

Whether you are looking for crystals, a good new book, or a fancy new face cream that leaves your skin feeling like silk, the driftless shaman has you covered. 

Stop in today and let me guide you to whatever you need!

Business Info


315 Main Street Darlington, WI 53530







**Shop is closed daily from 12 PM-1 PM.**

Also, shop is closed during treatment sessions.

Please text to verify retail hours for the day.

Thank you!

Note: There is flexibility in schedule for appointment bookings. 

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Healing Services

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